We travel up and down the East coast, providing improv classes to people in need of laughter.


  Comedy Connects is proud to connect the student's of our community in a safe and positive learning environment that encourages each student to say YES to life!  Improv is a unique tool that provides skills in leadership, team building, communication, thinking positively, and gives us the confidence to share our unique voice with others.

Improv reinvigorates the mind and body, while enhancing both verbal and nonverbal communicational skills, while connecting our senior community in a new, fun, and energizing class that encourages them to create and explore like a kid again.


Improv teaches us to accept life's uncertainties, and embrace those challenging moments with positivity.  Improv can reinforce the connection and bond with our love ones that so often feels disconnected when one is experiencing any kind of memory impairment.   


Improv for Alzheimers

Comedy Connects provides a unique and one of a kind creative expression class for those with Dementia/Alzheimers and/or Memory Impairment.  These classes are designed to provide a safe and fun space for those to play in the moment... like a kid again!

Improv for the Actor

Comedy Connects provides improv classes for the working actor!  We know those commercial auditions can be daunting, especially when there isn't a script!  We can give you the tools and technique you need to confidently put that best foot forward in the audition room and in life!

Improv for those with Special Needs

Comedy Connects provides improv classes for adults of all ages with special needs.  These classes focus on exploring verbal and non-verbal communication, sensory and motor skills, and self-expression.   Just like all of our focused classes, we put the greatest emphasis on finding the joy and embracing our unique voice.



Comedy Connects the Community. 

"Laughter is the closest distance between two people."- Victor Borge

To transform and empower our community by providing a safe atmosphere that encourages those of all demographics to create, play, laugh, and connect, while reinforcing the relationships and bonds between those around us, utilizing the techniques and ensemble play of improv. ​


Shared laughter signals that we see the world in the same way.